This is what you can expect to find on BBO. Unless otherwise specified, everything is free.

Tournaments Authorized members can organize duplicate IMP/MP/Totalpoint tournaments (Individuals and Pairs). We usually see well over 100 tournaments each day, each organized and run by one of these Tourney Directors.
Pay Tournaments BBO allows a handful of organizations to run tournaments with a card fee. Our ACBL-sanctioned games, for instance, charge a card fee. ACBL tourneys award ACBL Masterpoints to the winners. All pay tournaments award BBO Masterpoints.
Team games Any member can organize a two-table team match (IMP, BAM, or Totalpoint scoring). Hundreds of team matches are run each day.
Open tables Any member can open a table for duplicate or rubber play, either with strangers or friends. Duplicate results are achieved by comparing scores to other tables. Thousands of such tables are opened each day.
Vugraph Any bridge organization can broadcast, live, a match on BBO via our popular Vugraph facility. Frequency varies from month to month, from a couple-each-month to every-other-day. Usually, the WBF, ACBL, etc. arrange for the vugraph while BBO arranges for expert commentary in each room, often in multiple languages.
Clubs There are several private and public clubs on BBO. Some are organized by language, others by skill. The typical private club regularly offers free tournaments for its members.
training rooms Any member can open a partnership-bidding room and have BBO generate hands for practice bidding. Members can also open teaching tables, controlling up to 4 seats, and (optionally) uploading specific deals.
Chat rooms Any member can open a chatroom -- we make it easy to present hands to the room.
Hand records Older hand records and tourney results are available via the web.
Multiple language support The BBO user interface has been translated into several languages. English, French, Italian, Polish, Turkish, Spanish, Portugese, German, Romanian, Japanese, Russian and Czech at the moment, with more on the way.
Stars Hundreds of excellent players to kibbitz, for education or entertainment. BBO flags such players with a gold star.
Discussion boards The BBO community is active in our discussion boards. Education? Entertainment? We think both can be found here.
And more Lots of little things. Friends lists. Enemy lists. Filters on lists. Articles. Archived vugraphs. And...more.