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Cost nothing? Mea culpa

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Posted 2021-June-27, 08:36

Decisive board from Berks & Bucks Swiss Teams.
At both tables, West led a against South's 4.
Declarer won A, finessed Q, and cashed A.
Now the opposing declarer led a 3rd from dummy.
As East, would you ruff with your singleton trump?
Unfortunately, if you do, declarer has an easy ride.
If you discard, declarer can succeed, at double-dummy, but, in practice, fails.


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Posted 2021-June-27, 10:31

I tend not to ruff partner's winners unless I can see the winning defense clearly. With the east hand, nothing stands out, so I wouldn't ruff. Now, if south was being cute by "finessing" the Q holding Kxx, then I'm going to applaud them. With that holding, however, it seems clear to try to pull trump, not be cute.

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Posted 2021-June-27, 12:25

Can't believe that 2 overcall, but what do I know?

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Posted 2021-June-27, 13:20

We know he's bid 2 on air, the only explanation is that he has hearts also, I don't see why the correct line is that difficult to find if RHO has failed to find a WJO

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Posted 2021-June-27, 14:57

I can't help but feel declarer has already misplayed it up until that point. What about win the lead, ace of hearts ruff a heart, diamond finesse, ruff a heart. Say it is overruffed and plays another club, we ruff in dummy and ruff another heart. West can ruff, but all they ever get is 2 trumps and a diamond. Not seeing how this loses compared to the actual line taken (seeing we are assuming East has 2 diamonds anyway)

Edit: It is probably better to cash the ace of diamonds after the finesse in case East is 2-2 in the reds. Our entries are still OK.
Wayne Somerville

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Posted 2021-June-28, 04:53

I see no benefit to ruffing the 3rd dia with my 7 (which means I would duck). If I had the 9 or T instead of the 7 I would most likely ruff in case partner began with 6 diamonds and my ruff might create an upper cut situation.

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